Looking for a drawing challenge for October? Do you like the character Maya from the 1982 Anime Movie: Arcadia of My Youth? If so, this drawing challenge is for you!

The Rules are simple:

You just draw Maya in October! That's it!

It can be daily, weekly, or even just once! You decide your frequency at your own pace!

You decide how frequent you can draw for this, and it can be at any level of finished. Rough doodle? Fully Rendered piece? Something inbetween? You decide how finished you want it!

This is a very flexible challeneg as a whole. Drawing challenges can cause pressure and stress, even if you are having fun. I also am not in a state right now where I can physically do big drawings every day even though I am able to draw now, since I am in physical therapy right now to heal from a muscle strain earlier this year.

So I wanted to make this flexible for myself, as well as everyone else who would want to take part. 2021 is a stressful enough year. I don't want to add stress to myself or anyone else. This challenge is for fun and for the love of Maya! I encourage any and all to take part if they want!

The hashtag will be: #Mayatober Please use this hashtag if you participate, so I can see your work!

Here is a prompt list for fun too. They will only be a suggestion, not law. Feel free to either make your own prompts, or do it more freestyle!

If anyone allows it, I will link back to their pieces for Mayatober on this site! I will ask you first in advance, and don't feel pressure either. The choice is up to you!

I look forward to doing this myself, and seeing others take part if they so wish. Let's enjoy Mayatober together!!

Prompt List

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